IF YOU NEED HELP CONNECTING, don't hesitate to contact me.

Getting started

How to connect

-> Click to watch a YouTube video on how to connect.

How to reply to a chat

-> Click to watch a YouTube video on how to reply to a chat.


No QR code appearing?

-> Your internet connection probably is too slow. Connect to some Wifi and then try again. If nothing happens after 60 seconds, please try restarting both devices. Don't worry, you only have to do this once.

Whatsapp ignoring QR scan?

-> Set your Watch's display brightness to the lowest value and enter a well-lighted room. Check if any of the factors linked on this page apply to your situation.

"We could not sign you into ..."?

-> Bad timing, a new QR code just came in. Just hit "OK" and try again. Depending on when the code came it, this might happen a few times in a row. Click here for some tips on how to get better QR readings (recommended). If too much time passes between opening the app and scanning the code, you might start getting codes that are "too old". Force quit the app on both devices and then try again - first code best code.

Development state

Known issues:

  1. Complication can't be set from the iPhone. Please set it from the Watch, it works there.
  2. While playing voice messages, your screen might go dark. You can scroll up and down to keep the screen awake.

Coming soon:

  1. Send voice messages

Coming a bit later:

  1. Linked replies jump to source
  2. Click messages to quote it
  3. Make it look and feel more like native messages app